Mission Statement
Spiritually empowering leaders through the Word of God.

Vision Statement
The vision of Military Bible Association is for all military leaders, corporate leaders, religious leaders, families, prison inmates and university students to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, to develop moral leadership and to make an impact on those around them.

The Leader’s Bible and The Military Bible
The Military Bible Association was founded to provide military men and women with The Leader’s Bible and The Military Bible, an update of the King James Version translated by Military Chaplains. The Military Bible Association realizes the need to reach out to the military, because military personnel are often a forgotten group, who need the love of Christ. Troops desperately need the Gospel so that they might come to know the Lord as their Savior—and experience the renewal that comes from receiving salvation through Jesus Christ. The military is very responsive to the message of hope, love and forgiveness that only God’s Word provides.

What Is the Military Bible Association?
The Military Bible Association is an interdenominational association of Churches, Military Chaplains, Christian businesses and professional men and women. Our members are dedicated to saving the lost through personal witnessing and the distribution of The Leader’s Bible around the world.

Bible Distribution Around the World
Our goal is to give The Military Bible to each military member. But we do not have enough copies of The Military Bible . We have access to every military base through military chaplains and commanders. With a shortage of hundreds of military chaplains, it is increasingly up to the Church to provide military ministry.

The Spiritual Climate in the Military

The Military Bible is a military Bible produced by Military Chaplains to strengthen the moral fiber of these men and women.  The Holy Spirit speaks to the troops through God’s Word to instill discipline. Through this, they are able to stay grounded on God’s promises while devoting themselves to a fulfilling life of service.

For those who do not know God as their Lord and Savior, their subconscious seeks to fill the God- shaped void in their lives. Their searching often leads to activities that are not healthy for themselves or those around them.  These searchers need The Military Bible by Military Chaplains to undergird and support them.  For these troops, there is no better answer than The Military Bible to help them avoid situations that lead to a ‘morning after’ survey of damage they may have caused to themselves or others.



“If you are going to be a spiritual leader, you need a spiritual experience. I know The Military Bible will be a great resource and source of inspiration for our military leaders.”
—General Ralph E. Haines, Jr., USA (Ret.)
Former Continental Army Commander

“Military Chaplains have produced one of the finest translations of the Holy Bible. The Military Bible provides the Moral Compass for living by faith. I endorse The Military Bible for use in all Armed Forces, churches and homes.”
— Rear Admiral Bennett S. Sparks, USCG-Ret.
Former Secretary General, Congress of International Reservists,
Chartered by NATO

The Military Bible will be the immediate choice of military chaplains as well as of leaders in all professions. It is truly magnificent and will be very much appreciated.”
—Major General James L. Gardner, Jr., USAF (Ret.)

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Recent MBA Events

Lt. Col. Oliver North Shows The Leadership Bible

Col North Receiving Leadership Bible

Lt. Col. Oliver North Shows The Leadership Bible

The event was the St. Peter’s Church Wild Game Supper, hosted by the Legacy Outdoor Sports Club on March 12, 2016 where Lt. Col. North was the keynote speaker. Photo: courtesy of SSG Gene Bartz, USA (Released).