Dr. James F. Linzey

Jim Linzey, President


We are glad that you are able to visit us and encourage you to consider partnering with us to support the Troops with the Word of God.

First, the greatest service we need from you is your prayers for the leadership of MBA: for wisdom and divine guidance.

Second, we would like you to purchase copy of The Military Bible by Military Chaplains so that you can become familiar with the calibre of military Bible we have available for the Troops. The large print, 6×9 is available on Amazone.com. The small print, 4×6 military size, which fits in military cargo pockets, is available from us, by the copy or by the case.

Please take a few minutes to read through the information on our web site as you prayerfully consider partnering with us. Our site includes our mission statement and our vision statement and other important information on how you can be part of our team to help us donate cases of The Military Bible by Military Chaplains to the troops. This is a very special, unique military Bible, endorsed by General Flag Officers.

The Military Bible contains valuable resources to equip Troops to be effective spiritual and military leaders. The 7 Principles of Leadership, quotes on religious freedom by Founding Fathers and American presidents, Presidential Prayers, creeds, military prayers by military chaplains, military photos illustrating Scriptures, the Sinner’s Prayer by Dr. Billy Graham, and most importantly the Word of God, are highly effective at making an impact on the United States Armed Forces. Without God’s Word the military and the world would be spiritually lost. The consequences are eternal.

But another one of the vital aspects of MBA is that we need Wounded Warriors, Veterans, and civilians as representatives to churches across America. We welcome you to be part of this effort to make brief presentations once a year in churches in your area.

Military Bible Association seeks to make an eternal impact upon individuals’ lives through God’s Word, and also a temporal impact to help troops keep their lives together on their mission with this important military Bible. Please be sure to tell others so no one misses out on this exciting mission.

We look forward to spending time with you should you decide to contact us. If we can do anything to make your visit more pleasant, please let us know.

Thank you for your visit and consideration in partnering with Military Bible Association.

Very respectfully,

James F. Linzey, DD
Chaplain, Major, US Army (Ret.)
President, Military Bible Association